Mariah Nicole— The #1 Hypergamy Expert & Dating Coach who specializes in teaching women how to FIND, DATE, MARRY, & fall in LOVE with 'High Value' men.

A ‘High Value’ man in Mariah’s definition is a man who takes pride in being a protector, provider, leader & alpha in his relationships. With the popularity rise of femininity, modern media, & lack of structure in dating, Mariah has found a solution to finding and identifying these types of ‘High Value’ men by putting structure back into dating!

Mariah is passionate about helping women on their level up journey to become their own 'Dream Woman' while allowing them to know her personal in's & out's of dating generous men. From NYC to Los Angeles, Mariah has entered many high-net-worth circles and has access to various locations where the richest people in the world socialize.

With a background from NYU in health science, psychology, meta psychics & world religion…

Mariah helps a variety of women advance the process of dating for marriage by teaching her students a deeper understanding of the male psyche. She is dedicated to helping women all around the world know their worth as 'The Divine Feminine.'

As a former athlete trophy wife and billionaire widow, Mariah is committed to using her past experience to teach women the cheat code in becoming a Highly Desired Kept Woman.

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  • NAZ-

    "Happy upcoming New Year! Just want to tell you that your profile critique was a lifesaver. I am receiving a lot quality feedback about the edit you made. They are telling me that what "I" wrote and how I present myself on the phone is incredible. Yesterday's date said, "Wow, who trained you, you ask so many interesting and GOOD QUESTIONS!!" 😂😂 I was following all of your VETTING QUESTIONS! I can feel the change after I started investing into myself- my dating game has changed. My dates are taking me to better places, I STARTED DATING AND ATTRACTING BETTER MEN!!! I am so happy. Thank you so much."


    "Your book is really well written, I spotted some thing that I missed when dating so I would definitely apply them. I love how you wrote the exact questions that we can ask to know if a man is generous and high value. I think this is really important, when I dated wealthy men I automatically assumed they were generous but this is not always the case, so it's good to know from the beginning. I would definitely re-read it over time, because I like your different techniques on asking for presents 🎁 & cash 💵! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us ♥️"


    "Hi Hun. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the ultimate HOLY GRAIL ebook!! Just finished reading it and I'll be using it as my dating guide 💘 I'm so so happy with my purchase!!!! TYSM"

  • MARY-

    "Enjoyed reading the material in your Ebook Mariah! The step guide especially when used all together will really get the GOLD WITHOUT DIGGING haha great stuff, I loved it. It works, I've used some scripts on my exes and really loved your take on it. The ideas and the scripts I couldn't wait to try! Congratulations on the success of your ebook!"